The Taurus Man

Taurus (April 21-May 20)

This Earth sign is stable, sensual, and stubborn. Taurus men wear designer suits and just gaze into the seas of women on the street. They love, love.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of feminine love, Taurus men are quite sensual and aim to please their partners. They’ll act tough in public and whisper the sweetest nothings in bed. When they love they are satisfied.

Finding someone who meshes becomes an issue for lots of Taurus men. Many of them stay single until they’re middle age. These guys are hooves in the dirt, hard to change, methodical men. They do things their way, their entire lives. If you show them a better way, they will argue theirs is still best. If you date a Taurus man do not expect to change him. They keep their clothes, friends, and daily rituals forever.

They like to have a girlfriend around for a booty slapping, love making, fabulously hot cooking partner who values her own autonomy. That is the Taurus mans ideal woman. Of course once he’s in love, that will all change. He will become a slightly possessive, slightly paranoid, borderline smothering house mate. He will wash his own clothes and cook his own waffles and bacon, plus yours if you want.

Taurus men are extremely hard workers, willing to take on any job if it brings success to his name and money into his account. They make excellent Doctors, Lawyers, Chefs, and Entrepreneurs. Often wealthy, they love to save money for luxurious vacations, wardrobe, or household items.

Their motto is I HAVE. They love to have things, lots of expensive trendy things. They like to spoil lovers and flaunt their wealth. But you’ll have to win him over before you can expect any gifts. This man does not spend money on a girl he’s not serious about. If you receive a gift from a Taurus man, it will be along the lines of a Chanel wallet or Cartier watch. They don’t fuck around with shopping, ever.

Of course they eat only expensive, professionally prepared, quality food. So, lots of Taurus men have weight problems. Not because they eat cheap shit, but because they eat three times more than they should These bulls are also known to drink a good bit of scotch. Regardless, they’re usually the most attractive overweight men in a crowd of fatties.

Rustic, sensual, and very very sexy, that’s a Taurus man. They can look fantastic dressed in shit brown used clothes and old sneakers, but they will always prefer to wear Armani.

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    • Dee, I feel for you, I really do. I “dated” (played games with) a Taurus man for a long time. He was such a tough bag of nails, but could cry in the bedroom. It was really confusing. Taurus men are a bit selfish.. Like little spoiled Momma’s boys. So they don’t lie on purpose, they lie because they think you won’t want the truth.. They usually want more than one partner. So if you’re not ok with that for a while (until you woo him over) then move on.

      They cheat because they think you are also selfish (like him) and will also cheat. I recommend you date other men while you date your cheating liar.. Or get over his “cheating”. It’s not cheating to him, life is a buffet and he is sampling. Wanna win? Tell him you miss him but make him jealous out of his horned skull.. cook for another man at home and tell him about it! Better yet- text him a photo of the lavish dinner you made (or post it on Instagram, even better!) Find a faithful Cancer and wear designer duds while on a date.. Just “happen” to see this Taurus while you’re out. As long as the “other man” you’re out with is 1. Drop Dead Sexy (or hotter than the cheating liar) and 2. Obviously Rich… you may be back in the Taurus radar!

      Beat him at his own Earthy games.. and you’ll have no further issues with your hearts desire. Just beware these guys get fat as they get older, so if you see the signs of fat bully belly, back away and run. If you do all of this and still have problems, move on. Taurus men are so stubborn it’s painful. if he’s made up his mind, you won’t be changing it. Date a sappy Cancer guy or fall for a romanic Libra, leave the stubborn bull alone.

      • Hey i really adore your comments on Taurus man, you are right about Taurus man crying in bedroom and want more then one partner.

  1. I was tickled pink to read this accurate description of my fav taurus guy friend. You have described his personality ‘bang on’.
    I am a taurus , so we have an exciting chemistry!

  2. Great advice! I am a Scorpio woman and I have a Taurus man as a booty call. He’s EXACTLY the way you described a Taurus man! He has a girlfriend and won’t leave her for me. I noticed that when I’m nice to him, he stops calling me as often and seems to lose interest. But when I give him a Scorpio tongue lashing and flirt with his friends in front of him, the bull sees red! He gets really jealous and possessive. He starts to call me like 30 times a day, sounding whiny and asking if I’m losing interest or if there is someone else. I play mind games with him and pretend I’m just being friendly to those guys and I was not flirting.. The other day I got sick and tired of waiting around for him to be only mine so I got his friend’s number right in front of his face (the friend did not know anything was going on between me and the bull)! I never answered the friend’s calls or even called him and the Taurus knows this but since that day the Taurus has been calling me like crazy and I have ignored ALL his calls. I texted him that I have learned my lesson and I will never again agree to a booty call or sleep with another girl’s boyfriend and that he can call me once he’s single. He’s going nuts over me now and I love it!

  3. I’m dating a guy right now and we are on the verge of engagement I was feel lost after reading this I have new clarity. He meets up to everything and more I’ve become much more worried as his lie unravel before me. He is a few years older but I father more intelligent and I don’t like being played. I’m a Leo not into the signs but maybe I should follow the signs better.

  4. Veronica i’m in the same situation, i am naturally very nice and need a good push to be nasty. thank you for showing me what my mistake is. the dude always gives me the attention i want righ after a fight coz i have a very harsh tongue when i’m pissed off. we had a huge fight a few days ago, neither of us has ever been so furious at each other or stayed so long without contact for so long, had a confrantation in public and i walked away and tryed calling him later to find out what that was about cause its out of character for him he said one insulting word and i just hung up the phone, and nothing has been said to each other since then. where to from here?

    • Well the Taurus I had really cared about the way he looked in public and one day I was so angry at him that I talked down to him in front of his friends since I knew that would hurt him really bad. At the moment I was so mad that I did not care if he talked to me again. His friends were shocked he did not cuss me back out or kick me out of his house. He would scream back though. After they left, he screamed at me, “:You HUMILIATED me in front of my friends!!! No one has ever talked to me like that!!!” but he still did not kick me out & I still kept at it for hours.until I stormed off because I hated that when I’d ask about his feelings for me he would clam up and just look at the wall. I regretted it later because I thought he would surely never talk to me again. I was too ashamed too call him or show up at his place because I knew I had gone too far that time. I would remember the hurt in his eyes and it would break my heart. A few weeks later he called me in the middle of the night &I didn’t answer but the next day I called him back & he gave me a stupid ass story about how his phone had gotten messed up and it had been dialing numbers and that I wasn’t the only person it had dialed, lol! I think he was embarassed that he had called me first & I hadn’t answered. So I pretended I believed him & he sounded friendly so I apologized & he forgave me but believe me, they NEVER forget. After that he was a bit more distant when we were together, acting like he didn’t trust me. I can’t blame him. I’m not a bad person but as an emotional Scorpio, when we are hurt we show anger not pain and we spit out poison which makes us look and sound evil.

      I think you should wait it out. He’ll probably be back to you. Just give him time to get over his anger. They are very sensitive and proud. Try not 2 call him because if u do he will probably not answer 2 make u suffer a little bit. If he likes the drama he has with u then he will probably miss it and come back. How long ago did this happen with u guys?

  5. Ok so I read this and I’m gonna ask for some advice. I’ve been dealing with a bull for about 4 years now, when we met I did not want any relationship, we were both single. He eventually got a g/f and didn’t tell me. I found out being the Scorpio I am it didn’t take long. In my situation he doesn’t leave and not call or ignore me, we talk everyday and text but he still has a g/f, I’ve called it off many times but we can’t stop talking the longest time was 2 weeks w/o speaking. I’ve stopped having sex with him on the regular and we even stopped for 6 mo but still spoke to each other daily. I can’t say I want him b/c I see what he does to his current g/f but I don’t want him to be with anyone else, not even her it’s crazy, I’m crazy!! He often tells me he loves me as a friend and told me I was his best friend recently, I’m moving on with others but I don’t want to lose him, and I don’t want to be selfish but I want him only accessible to me. He doesn’t leave me wondering about if he loves me, i know he does but he does still have a g/f. What should I do?

    • You should move one because obviously he is a total idiot to love you but date elsewhere. either that, or he isn’t ready to settle down. don’t let him waste your time, hurt your heart, or push you around. Taurus men can be very selfish and you shouldn’t be giving your divine sensitive energy to someone who doesn’t deserve you.

      • I met a taurus/gemini cusp guy during a holiday, we spent 4 tumultuous months together. The push and pull game was heavily played on his part, I confessed I was in love with him but he said he just wanted to be friends. I flimsily set boundaries where he was not allowed to sleep with me nor speak affectionately, but these were always broken to both our mistakes. I went home and we kept in contact daily, equally messaging each other back and forth. If I was busy or threatened to end the relationship, he’d panic and I would do the same to a much worse extent. He has suddenly stopped contact after being so incredibly sweet. I in turn became a bitch and hounded him with pressing and aggresive questions. He never answered. To this I became even more fed up. And said I could not handle him anymore and I had more important things in my life. He hasn’t spoken to me since, he always came around in a day. This is the longest its been. Is there any point in hoping for something good?

  6. Your description is spot on… i have been dating a taurus for 4 yrs and I have dealt with his infedelity for a long time, he says that he likes variety of women and that he wants to marry me but is still as you put it “samling the buffet” I am a pisces so it is really hard for me to just pick up and tell him to leave. We both love each other and have a connection however its the other women whom he feels he must bang because he has a big ding dong and women just swoon over him. I feel like all women would want to turn this player into a husband. I am just not sure what to do any more, because if I was doing this stuff to him…he would probably kill me lol. I cook for him, tell him he is sexy make him feel wanted and I still feel like its not enough for him, its wearing me out because I am 28 and he will be 30 in may and this is really making me sad. We talk about it and I guess he is not going to give up his ways unless he is ready…I know everyone is going to be like drop that fool…but idk if I can at the moment i feel trapped.

    thank you,
    Your sensitive pisces

  7. i have a huge crush on a Taurus guy for four years,he always flirted with me but never take a move and suddenly he started to change and take moves and talk to me more often,after a while i went home with him to have launch when we arrived he was so friendly and trying to make me feel comfortable after a while he kissed me so i stopped and asked him why did he do that cuz we r just friends he told me he wants to be with me to do anything for me but he doesn’t want to love or having a gf and he made me choose weather to be with like that or being just friends, so after 1 hour or 2 i was in his bed giving him an oral it was my first time to do so but he didn’t believe me he told me it was too good and kept on irritating me with very mean things he was angry cause he thought he was my first (which he is but he doesn’t believe me ) but he feels like i lied or he got tricked , he was so curious to know whether i did that before or not but he told me not because he cared he has other reasons but caring isn’t one of them, then he tried to give me a gift but he told me not to consider it as a gift ps (i didn’t take it) after that he kept testing me in front of people to see whether am going to lie or not , calling me everyday making up reasons but he stopped again and keep trying making me feel jealous also he keeps comparing me to his ex girlfriend( we used to do that or don’t feel shy to tell me my ex used to tell me everything and feeling jealous , telling me very intimate stuff about him he told i was the only one to know this stuff beside his family,he wants me to sleep over and he says he doesn’t do that with just any girl , am really confused whether he wants me or not he says one thing and act totally the opposite way plz help me guyz btw am a Gemini girl ,is their any hope that he might commit or love me ?

    • Yes he might but it will take a while! It just depends if you are willing to wait it out to find out. I just got my booty call to dump his girlfriend and commit to me after almost a year! I never have to wait that long for a man to realize what a treasure I am so I had given this guy the boot a while back (see my post above) and he went nuts after me. I ignored him until I finally heard from people that he was single and then we talked. He had heard from mutual friends that I was dating around (but not sleeping around) and I informed him that yes these men realized what I was worth unlike him. He asked me to be his girlfriend right away and now the fighting has ceased. I watch him like a hawk (like I do to any man I have) and he knows it so he better not cheat. I told him that if he is unhappy in our relationship to be a man and end it, not cheat.

      They are SLOW in love. They will test u over and OVER again so be forewarned. They want to see that u will not act like a slut so do not flirt with other men, even a little bit. I did it only at the end when I could care less if he ever talked to me again. But the Taurus man knew I was not going to call that guy, he knew I just wanted to make him jealous. Taurus men can see through Scorpio women’s mind games yet they still love us! :p

      So this is what I have noticed about them. They want you to be feminine, traditional, well mannered, don’t make a scene in public and LOYAL. And no cussing! My Taurus said that he knew all along that I was in “character mode” when I acted vulgar or loud because I was angry but that he knew deep inside I was sweet, girly and faithful.

      Okay your guy sounds like a Taurus guy that has been hurt before. That is why he is suspicious. Mine did the same thing. Just keep on being the nice girl you have been and trust that he will commit to you. It sounds like he is very interested. He has to trust you will only be his and then he will come around. You sound perfect for him! :D

      • your words kept me strong for a while really thanks , but he seemed he doesn’t want me to be a part of his life, he is just not in to me so am goin to move on ,it really hurts and i feel like my hearts blows in a million pieces & i really cant stop crying but i have nothin else to do, i did my best but its not enough he keeps shutting me off with politeness so i know i have to move on , he is the one i know but am not the one for him , so if he wants me he will have to chase me this time and that’s it, even that i know he wont do that , am goin to change to be this strong girl that no one will ever hurt or play wiz her again i really do DESERVE better and if he couldn’t see what an amazing girl i am its his loss not mine. ps: am really happy for you that everything turned to be good with you and i wish you nothin but a life full of joy and love with your lover :)

      • Going on 2 weeks ago and a day after my taurus bday..I broke it off with him due to my raging hormones and just a bad day..I was also mad at the fact that when we had sex to commemorate his bday…he came once and when we tried to do it again he went soft..I equated that to him not being sexually attracted to me..since I called him out on it and told him to loose my number..I haven’t heard squat from him..days after that..I tried to call and text to Sunday I told him I was done and I wished him the best. No response…so now it’s going on a week since I tried calling or texting..he still haven’t he over’s he playing..what should I do?

      • I’m also a Scorpio girl..and we have our bouts and drama..but 1of us would cave in..we’re bck at it..this time he just won’t answer

  8. Yes they are. I became friends with a taurus, who I am very attracted to, and he has an entire stable of women lol. He cheats on all of them, even the one he calls his “girlfriend”. Thank god I am in a relationship, and we are friends, and I could witness his “ways”. He seems so sweet, so kind. And he is, to get what he wants. He is a complete master of mind games, pitting women against each other, introducing dates to one another to induce jealousy. He will try to find your weakness, and cause you to feel insecure about yourself. You ladies are giving these men too much credit. There are plenty of fish in the sea ;) Do not let a man use and abuse you…

  9. My taurus man just broke up with me 2 days ago after a few months of being in a serious relationship, he’d become very busy with work and I think I demanded more time. In hindsight, toward the end he became a bit more distant, but hardly. He was still very cute and said he loved me a lot, but in the break up he said that things had changed between us (sensually and emotionally) and it was no longer ‘the same’. He was infatuated with me in the beginning as I was fun, chilled out, and made him laugh. Through the relationship I started to lose these qualities as I found it hard not spending as much time with him as the beginning. I really I’m looking for a way to get him back and am not sure whether it is better to send him a long letter with memories of all the good times we had, or to leave it until he talks to me, as we talked everyday for the past 6 months, i imagine he’s finding it hard and will probably talk to me in the next couple of weeks, even to ask how I am. He’s so stubborn, I can imagine himself at home convincing himself he’s done the right thing, while i’m convinced he hasn’t… Really need help on this one. Unlike what most of the girls above, my taurus was faithful and we were happy, we’d argue but nothing a few hours together couldn’t fix… then he stopped giving those few hours a chance.. ah so confused as of how to go about it as of now !!

  10. DI’m living with my friend the Taurus for a year now. We cross the line his sex sucks and he is.selfish in bed always esnt hid dick sucked np foreplay for me I’m a cancer very caring he always tell me he didn’t want a relationship. but with manipulate me and treat me like it was a relationship. I cooked cleaned his house washing clothes made his bed just did everything for him I feel like he was a very ungrateful person but so well mannered you would always say thank you he would grab my ass pull on my breast play with my neck that was his way of letting me know he was horny and when I would try and talk to him he was start yelling really loud and threaten to throw me out he knows why I’m living with him and he knows I have nowhere else to go at this time so I put cooking cleaning washhing fucking him and sucking him. now he walks around with attitude I haven’t thrown me out. he’s not even coming back to the house sometime now. I believe he seeing someone else he even had the nerve to tell me he will let me know when you see someone else and this ass I have had enough of his shit he mean selfish selfcentered and honors his self only bottom line he treats me like shit. I’m waiting on a settlement and I’m the fuck out of his house

  11. DI’m living with my friend the for a year now. We cross the line his sex sucks and he is.selfish in bed always esnt hid dick sucked np foreplay for me I’m a cancer very caring he always tell me he didn’t want a relationship. but with manipulate me and treat me like it was a relationship. I cooked cleaned his house washing clothes made his bed just did everything for him I feel like he was a very ungrateful person but so well mannered you would always say thank you he would grab my ass pull on my breast play with my neck that was his way of letting me know he was horny and when I would try and talk to him he was start yelling really loud and threaten to throw me out he knows why I’m living with him and he knows I have nowhere else to go at this time so I put cooking cleaning washhing fucking him and sucking him. now he walks around with attitude I haven’t thrown me out. he’s not even coming back to the house sometime now. I believe he seeing someone else he even had the nerve to tell me he will let me know when you see someone else and this ass I have had enough of his shit he mean selfish selfcentered and honors his self only bottom line he treats me like shit. I’m waiting on a settlement and I’m the fuck out of his house

  12. i started talking to this taurus, he continued to call me everyday for the first week the same with text messages, we hung out and things went good, then all of a sudden he started to ignore my msgs and calls, and when he did call me back he was rude and always accused me of being with some guy, I laughed it off n thought nothing of it, but then he would do it everyday when he decided he wanted to text me or call me. He did tell me that every girl hes been with has played him n hes been hurt so its hard for him to trust but at the same time i told him not everyone is out to hurt him. i find when i missed his call or didnt reply back for hours later that he would text me and say im done, or get rude and cocky to me as if he can ignore me or whatever he wanted but as soon as i did it there was an issue. he told my friend that i was clingy how idk i just tryed showing him attention like men want but i guess thats clingy lol.. my friend told me i should start ignoring him and that he will run to me once i start doing that as that will show him im not interested anymore and taurus guys dont like that, and that he also knows i run to him when he wants me. its very hard im, a leo and i dont wanna play head games so what do you guys think i should do/? ignore him or tell it like it is.. i do like him alot and i enjoy spending time with him but do i continue with this or not?

    • Hi Babydoll, I’m a leo and I too, used to date a Taurus. It was pretty much the same situation.. A bit of variation, not really. You could keep playing this game but it will just drag on for years. Eventually you would get married, and he would spend FOREVER trying to catch you hurting him. Yikes. Get out while you still can! Sounds like this man is greatly out of balance. It’s too bad, because when a Taurus is happy- he worships his lady.

  13. the sad thing is its hard for me to let go from someone who i like and as a leo u know what i mean,lol… ive been hurt before many times but i dont bring that in my future i leave it in the past, i tryed having talks with him and trying to open up on a different level with him so he can see what kind of person i am, i know hes hurting and i know he doesnt trust anyone at this point but its really hard, i havent recieved any msgs from yet him since yesterday afternoon he actually called me and i missed the call i called back 20 mins later n nothing, to me it just seemed like he wanted to be fwb but then my friend whos a taurus told me he likes me and that hes falling for me but hes pushing away due to the fact of him being hurt and played, he also admitted to me that he liked me as well but now i just dont know what he wants or what hes after.

    • Games are a waste of your precious energy. Back off, focus on yourself some. respond to his interests but do not dwell on it. If you think it’s in both your best interests to be together, just tell him so. then see what happens. i’ve learned over time that in order to get over that ego hurt (leo love!) it’s a good idea to spoil yourself. Ie, go to the movies alone, go shopping, go running, go on a bike ride.. date yourself for a hot minute! I found that men who are stubborn respond well to this type of “self care” aka, it’s SO hot! Good luck!!

  14. Hi there, I met this guy earlier this year and have been ‘together’ since. He told me recently that he still has deep feelings for his ex with whom he’d been in a relationship for five years. They have a child together. He told me he loves me but why do I feel so empty everytime I leave his place. I confronted him on this, and his reaction was ‘I told you I’m not ready for a serious relationship… Blah blah’ , but in the meantime he tells me we gona elope one day. I’m really confused. Or do I just need to be patient, and hope that he calls me back or go back to his ex.

    • Natasha it sounds to me like he’s using you as an emotional crutch. If you ever leave a mans house feeling empty it’s not because you “need him” it’s because your soul is saying “this is incorrect”. When you leave somewhere excited, secure, and feeling alive… That’s the right person for you. You know you’ll be together and there is no fear. If you stay with him you may be impeding on his path, with is family. My sincere advice is this, he’s already said everything you need to know. The Elope thing is just a game, so you stay with him. Good luck. <3

  15. I am currently stuck in what seems to be a love triangle. I am a cancer man, and in love with a taurus man, who is in a relationship, but has strayed towards me. We have met once a week for lunch/the day when his bf has been at work. I expressed to him about a month ago my feelings for him and that I would wait, so then he made a move and we have now made out twice on separate occasions, but he is still with his bf. it seems like we take two steps forward and one step back.
    The guilt though is driving me crazy, because i would never want to be in the other bf position. how long am i going to have to be the third wheel? i know they say never to rush a bull, but honestly, whats he doing?! he clearly isn’t totally happy in his current relationship. his he just sizing me up to see if i am worth the leap?! please help! its driving me crazy, and its the only thing i can seem to focus on.

    • You are quite smart my love sick Cancer, keep trusting your intuitive gifts to guide you through this! Yes, I would say he is sizing you up. Taurus’s do not make leaps without solid footing (super important!) Yes, he is taking steps backwards because he is unsure.

      Cancer+Taurus is a BEAUTIFUL match, one of my favorites actually. Don’t let your crab insecurities rule your heart, let them stay in your brain only. Open your mind so you can reach him, if you want him to know you’re serious I would back away slowly, gently, and with lots of love in your heart.

      Tell him you care for him, but that you feel guilty and don’t want to get tied up with this potential drama anymore.. No body wants to be the other lover.. Yikes, imagine if his BF showed up to challenge you because he’s insecure!! Tell him you want to be with him, offer him a place to land (like your house if he wants for a while!)
      Taurus’s need to know they will be
      1. Sheltered
      2. Fed
      3. Fucked

      Sometimes men stay in relationships because they don’t think they deserve better.. Or because they enjoy the punishment. Either way, if you can harmonize with this nerve in him you can have him quickly. He may turn and run though, so be prepared.

      Don’t be clingy, be open, be yourself, stay true to yourself.. and back away. Taurus loves a challenge of the heart (ruled by venus)

      Good luck!

  16. “Taurus’s need to know they will be
    1. Sheltered
    2. Fed
    3. Fucked

    Sometimes men stay in relationships because they don’t think they deserve better.. Or because they enjoy the punishment. Either way, if you can harmonize with this nerve in him you can have him quickly. He may turn and run though, so be prepared.

    Don’t be clingy, be open, be yourself, stay true to yourself.. and back away. Taurus loves a challenge of the heart (ruled by venus)”

    Perfectly said, Christy!

  17. Shaza, I’m sorry it didn’t work out with your guy because you sound like a great girl. Hopefully after you walked away he started chasing you but if he didn’t then you are right, you are better off without him. I know what you mean about the pain in your heart because my Taurus boyfriend made me feel that before he commited to me. I hope the pain has gone away already and you have found a nice guy that appreciates you for the queen you are. Thank you for the good wishes, so far it has been heaven between me and my Taurus and I hope you find happiness as well as you deserve it.

  18. So here’s my heart-broken story of an Aries (me) & my Taurus boyfriend. It all started out about a year ago i was happily single and just enjoyed my freedom traveling around the world stress-free and no worries at all…until i met him and fell head over heals for his sexy ways, kind words and sweet talk. At first, i knew i wasn’t the only girl he was dating but, i continued to see him regardless knowing what i have to offer is much better than what any girl has. I guess i was just overly confident.
    A few months went by and we were on & off, few arguments here and there but we always got back in touch & got closer. He took me to an amazing trip to Bangkok, i knew then we were more in love than ever. Until a few days after we got back he suspected that i was seeing somebody else. Maybe i was in a situation that made me seem like i was, but the truth of the matter is that I WASN’T! What hurts more is that he won’t believe me or trust me anymore even though he saw nothing! All it was was that he saw me walking out of the same place he and I used to meet up in (a cozy quiet coffee shop). He happened to drive by and saw me walk in and out alone. He still thinks i was there meeting up with someone else & left once i saw him. Now, he won’t call me or talk to me & wants me to stay away from him. I can’t just leave and throw all of this behind me when i know that i didn’t cheat on him and that it’s all stories and assumptions that he made up on his own in his mind. Yes, this natural born Taurus is very stubborn, jealous & possessive. I never minded that because i had nothing to hide & he’s the only man in my life that i ever wanted. He tried so hard to hurt me by telling me that he already forgot me and moved on seeing other girls, i find that hard to believe because i trust that he still loves me. So why can’t he give me the same trust back and just believe what he saw & that i would never cheat on him. I found everything i ever wanted in a man being with him, i just wish he knew that. I don’t want to bother him anymore, but it’s just so hard to let go…Will he ever come back? Or at least leave me without the thought that i ever cheated on him?

  19. I have met this taurus man and I am a cap lady. He has a gf and i have my fiance. He started to play mind games and flirt with me all the time every time we see each other at the mall by staring at me, holding my gaze longer than any normal person would do. I as a cap does not give in easily however he had been doing that persistently for 5 years now and now I started to have feelings for him and the attraction is just so intense. We don’t talk but he keeps staring at me every time we see each other. I resisted his advances so many times. But now I am confused. I will not cheat on my fiancé and have been loyal all this years and now this… Is this taurus guy playing me?we used to be schoolmates in college and we met again after 7years. I am so confused… He also followed me the other day but I walk so fast so he will stop and he did. Lol and that made him confused… Is he playing games with me? He is committed and so am I, I know this is wrong but it does happen unexpectedly. I am only human and been resisting his advances for so many years, he just won’t stop….. Help!

  20. I never cease to be amazed at the amount of shit-talking there is on the internet about Taurus men.

    It cracks me up. Kids will be kids, I guess.

  21. well now he wants to buy a real estate with me as an investment property. good or bad? It was his idea and he phoned me about it last week, and on saturday we looked at a few places… but then he said “this is business.” like i shouldn’t get my hopes up that this means anything more… i hate game playing, but i guess thats how the world works. help.

  22. I have been “seeing” a taurus now for almost 6 months. In the beginning we both said we didn’t want a relationship, just fun since we both have been through a terrible divorce. Well that night we hooked up and have been talking everyday since and seeing each other once, maybe twice a week. He has a daughter and works 6 days a week so it is hard. Anyways, he is the most kind, caring guy I have ever dated! He initiates contact probably 90% of the time, in fact, he is on vacation right now with his daughter and family and has texted me everyday, sending me pics and asking how I am doing. So reliable he is! A the 3 month mark, he actually took me out for a real date. Nice dinner, picked me up, opened the door for me, all that jazz. That night I told him I have feelings for him and asked if he did for me. He said yes and said he was sorry it took him 3 months to take me out. A week later I asked how he felt about me and where things were going. He told me he still deals with the pain from his divorce and told me from the beginning he wasn’t looking for a relationship but wasn’t out sleeping around or even dating or talking to anyone. Said he enjoyed his time with me, didn’t know what the future held for us but that he knew he enjoyed my company. He also said he knew that the thought of a relationship scares the crap out of him. We haven’t talked about since. Things have been great, we get along great, we are having fun and getting closer. But now I think I am falling in love and scared to tell him. What if he doesn’t feel the same? He is the most affectionate guy I have ever been with, cuddles me all night long, his friends love me and call me his girlfriend and even said we should get married. So I am on the fence about saying something to him only to risk him not felling the same and me maybe going on my way, or trying to be patient as things are great right now, why cause drama? I have never been treated with such care before. He seems to actually care about my feelings. Some say be patient, wait it out. Some say it has been 6 months, if it hasn’t happened yet, it never will. Help!

  23. I’m a 46 scorpio, and the love of my life for 8 years was this wonderful 48 yo Taurus. 7 weeks ago he was telling me and one of my two daughters how much he loved us. 6 weeks ago he was seeing a cancer woman ( and still seeing me). 5 weeks ago we are no longer together and he is madly in love with this cancer woman ( who apparently likes attached men).
    I don’t understand what just happened. He has had NO contact with me and my girls, and we are devastated.
    This man truly is a typical Taurus man, and I believe he may even marry this cancer woman, because he likes long term relationships.
    I have lost my bestfriend.

  24. I’m a 46 scorpio, and the love of my life for 8 years was this wonderful 48 yo Taurus. 7 weeks ago he was telling me and one of my two daughters how much he loved us. 6 weeks ago he was seeing a cancer woman ( and still seeing me). 5 weeks ago we are no longer together and he is madly in love with this cancer woman ( who apparently likes attached men).
    I don’t understand what just happened. He has had NO contact with me and my girls, and we are devastated.
    This man truly is a typical Taurus man, and I believe he may even marry this cancer woman, because he likes long term relationships.
    I have lost my bestfriend. I was a very good woman to him…..Drew him hot baths, washed his hair, messages, FABULOUS sex, laughed, supported him emotionally. …

    • Were you guys married Kelly? Sorry to hear you had invested so much in this relationship only for another woman to come in and basically take your best friend and love of your life. Yes they do tend to like long term relationships and from what I know of Taurus men they like to get married but wait and see what happens.

  25. Long story short version:.Taurus male asked me what was he to me (via text msg-which.I didn’t like) I said I thought we were friends.Weeks passes bye he told me off & said he meant to be mean &/r malicious. Ok weeks go bye he blocks me on fb & then shun me (didn’t mention my name) I texted him I went off. Well, I then received a text from his mom cell..smh Anyway, times passes I sent hello pixs stating we just need to figure out how to communicate. (never was a problem before until it was on the table that I didn’t want to stay in friendship zone)OK, I received a text msg from his cell “I love u” now this man has shunned me by being mean &/r malicious. I asked who was it a joke or did someone still his phone. No reply back. Well, I send 2 add’l hello pixs on 2 separate dates. Still nothing so he didn’t ans my calls & he finally.respond to my text

  26. Sorry wasn’t done yet: His reply to my text “I don’t effin love u” I mean out right degrading. I was so hurt. Now he says he didn’t send that text one of his co-workers sent it & he only offered me friendship & misunderstood him. I am not crazy or delirious. Now this man has backed peddle in lies & has me as being a stalker & he is the attention seeking victim. I still cannot believe this has happen in this day & age…he is 27 yrs of age…Somebody anybody, please explain to me if you can. PS:.We will never ever have anything else. He is done & my window of opportunt is closed. UnBelievabl, he was always a gentleman to me…Thank you in advance

  27. I’m a leo female,21 and my taurus man is 24. We’ve been seeing each other for a month now. I will say I’m used to men loving me, but I’m also used to fickle Capricorn and Sag men! I only have Taurus friends and they’re crazy about me…the taurus guy now is so gentleman like, doesn’t mind picking me up, always shares with me, never forgets to let me walk in front of him and our conversations go on for hours. We’ve only hungout 5 times. First time we talked for about 1 1/2 hrs then I left just got a hug and I was on my way. 2nd time he picked me up we actually ended up having sex and I stayed over, before sex I questioned his sex life bc I sense a player in most men. He said he is picky with women he has sex and involves himself with, he also kept complimenting me that night. 3rd time I had just got done with friends and he’d been weird but still wanted to see me, when I saw him I found out he had been having a bad day so we got fresh air outside adventured and talked, when I left he said he wasn’t sure about me coming over since he was in his mood but was happy I did (he actually said he couldn’t hang long but he wouldn’t leave so I cut the conversation short eventually lol). 4th time he came over we talked,movies then got food and I just got a hug again. And the last time was yesterday I had initiated and he was weary. Finally he texted me back and said he could hangout. I told him I was at dinner but I’d let him know when I was home. Within 20mins I was home and checked my phone and had 4 text from him saying he could hang then couldn’t then two more saying he could and to tell me when I was home (having a conversation with himself lol). We went to his house talked. He kept finding reasons to touch me or put himself near me, even in the car, which was new to me. Finally he flat out kissed me for the first time since our second hangout and then we had sex. After we hungout talked more, got dinner, came back talked and then hungout in bed before falling asleep. Dropped me off the next day and wouldn’t stop telling me to have a good day and to text him haha I just kissed him on the cheek and left. Texted him around 1am saying hope his day was good :) no reply. I’m confused because he texted me a lot the first two days of us talking, sparingly after the first couple days, now im the initiator but he doesn’t always reply or within a reasonable amount of time unless its for plans. But he treats me like a queen and we get along soo well, we’re both happy deep thinking fun people. He is a pretty successful musician, huge homebody and said he’s busy with his music but still a text takes two seconds. I honestly am not too affected my obsession phase with him passed about two weeks ago but I don’t know if it is obvious that he isn’t into me or he’s just doing him and seeing how we are together. I usually text him whenever I am not keeping myself busy or am not busy working on my career also. I just am not into being a bootycall but you’d think a bootycall would involve sex more than twice lol. And our sex is the most amazing thing ever, he’s just so sensual and right and I’m super passionate, he acts so blown away by it. Any advice or any one go through this? He treats me better than most men but the NO communication thing is odd. I am good at sensing when someone’s genuine and I can with him but I could also be wrong!

  28. I need a bit of advice on two issues I have with MY TAURUS MALE. Im a Sagittarius female and have been dating my Taurus guy for about 2years now. I feel like he doesn’t take our “relationship” seriously. Again we have been dating for 2 years and just recently discussed taking our relationship to the next level. I know he loves me and I love him dearly.. but I will admit I have trust issues with men. Only being non-trusting if/when they start exhibiting behaviors that would make me question their trust. He has had many female friends and women he has dealt with. But as I try to explain to him is that I am not the type of women who thinks its ok for a man to receive calls from other women or you hanging out with other women when you are supposed to be involved in a relationship! Especially if the lady that your involved with is not introduced or is becoming friends or at least familiar with the other women. If you all are just friends then having your new lady meet them should not be an issue. He has a wandering eye and tends to sneak and look at other women, even when were together. He thinks I don’t notice because he tends to wear shades all the time. But ive caught him on several occasions while were together, even turning his head!!! I confronted him about this and expressed how I thought it was rude and insensitive of him to do such a thing. He apologized and said I dont have anything to worry about..but I still may catch him glancing! We have such good times together..we go out often..he spends money on me (which I know most Taurus men wont do unless they are really in to you) he buys me nice gifts ( the most recent was the android phone I’ve wanted for months now) he socializes with my family…takes trips and goes to parties and family functions with us. When he is in town he stays at my home with me and my roomates for weeks at a time..buys groceries..drops me off and picks me up from work just about everyday. I see in some of his actions that he is into me and loves me. But then other times its hard to feel like he is really invested in the relationship part of things. Sometimes he goes off to himself, he’ll talk on the phone outside..if I ask him a question he gets upset and swears im asking him too many questions. We’ve had several arguments about his phone and his behavior when he gets certain calls or texts. He assures(or at least tries) me that I have nothing to worry about but I still worry that he’s seeing someone else. I want to trust him but my inner gut is telling me that I shouldnt trust him completely. Im not trying to drag this bull down the aisle (just or back him in a corner until he comes out charging… I just need more clarity and understanding that I’m in this for the long haul and if he is not then we shouldn’t continue something that is going to lead in a breakup or heartache in the long run. I will also add that I know astrologically we are not supposed to be compatible. And a lot of times he will throw in my face my fiery emotional Sagittarian ways and that’s the reason why we don’t get along at times. I know I am this way..and will get real high charges and emotional. But only because I am passionate about the relationship. And I expect loyalty in relationships as I give him nothing but love, honesty, faithfulness, and LOYALTY!!

    Seondly, I am soooo irritated sometimes with his lacdasical selfish ass behavior. He says I run my house like a bootcamp and talk to him as if I am his mother. I totally don’t mean to be that way, but some of the things he does are just plain fucking dumb!!! he doesn’t clean, cook, or pick up after himself withouth being asked to do so. I have two other roomates and where they have become used to my OCD like behavior, they are understanding that I am a huge neat freak and I cant stand for our house to be dirty or unorganized! I deal with his behavior at some points..but then sometimes I just bug out when I see he is just plain ignoring what I say I want done around the house. He only cooks meals for himself and will only do his laundry instead of doing both his and mine. I feel like in a relationship chores are equally shared. I wouldn’t think of washing clothes and not adding his..that’s inconsiderate. We (me & my roomates) cook most of the meals while he sits back and waits to eat. It got so bad once where I demanded my roomates not cook his lazy ass a dam thing. He is self employed and doesn’t go out to work like we do. So my point is if youre at home all day why not cook a meal for the house at least once in a blue moon and i’ll be satisfied. It’s almost like he feels that since he doesn’t “technically” live there then he doesn’t or shouldn’t have to do as much. He comes and stays with me a few weeks at a time as this is a long distance relationship. it gets so irritating because I don’t mind cleaning but I have two other roomates and the cooking and cleaning is equally shared by all and im trying to get him to understand that. I appreciate you reading such an obviously LONG post..but I need some advice asap!

    • Sounds like he’s a selfish pig. Get rid of him pronto. After two years of dating love should be expressed by your actions not your wallet. He’s buying you off and running you around is bullshit. Stop depending on him for things. Show him you are a strong woman who can run her own life. It will send him running or bring him begging. Head turning or blatantly looking at other women when he’s with you is absolutely rude and intolerable. He can check out chicks with his boys all afternoon, but when he’s with you he needs to be respectful and considerate. If you have to keep asking you need to move on. Men like this don’t change, they get fat, have affairs, and ruin your life.

      Basically a man who won’t offer to help you clean up after a meal is a worthless piece of shit. Relationships are built on respect and equality- not favors and selfishness. This dude sounds like a major slum loser who doesn’t value you at all. Move on.

    • Follow your gut always! God gave us women that intuition that we need to follow more. If nothing was wrong then why does he act up when you ask him about his calls and text messages? He goes outside to talk? I am very private with my phone and no one is allowed to go through it but I wouldn’t act up about someone asking me a question. He has been with you 2 years that is LONG enough for him to know where your relationship is going. They say it should take only a year for a man to make up his mind commitment wise so anything beyond that is wasted time unless that is what you want – just my opinion. Sounds to me like your bull likes to be sheltered, fed and f&^%ed (sorry to be so crude). You sound like such a cool giving girl. Do not put up with his lazy ass behavior – wow he doesn’t sound very mature checking out other women while you are with him, completely disrespectful. Make a list of things you like and things you don’t like about him. That should help you figure things out.

  29. I would like to seek for an advice or some inputs in my current situation. I am an aquarius dating a taurus. I am 28, and he is 24. We have been going out for almost a year now, having sex, go for dinners, movies, he invites me to his place with his friends for some bbq parties. The thing is I like him, and I could say that he likes me too, but I am not sure to what extent. I dont have much guts to ask, or maybe, Im waiting for him to bring it up, after all im still a girl.. I dont know where wil this lead to. I may consider a relationship with him, but I dont know if he is willing to, he’s younger, and seems to be just enjoying what we have.

    I wanted to talk it out with him but I dont want to scare him away.. Im hoping he could give a postive response, but I kinda have a feeling he’s not ready to commit. I dont know if it’s just me overthinking.. gosh, we have been dating for a year now, and i think it’s way too long. I dont want to lose him, even as a friend. I dont know what should I do.. When shud i still hold on to this, should I ask, tell him how I feel, or just ditch this? Based on what I read taurus takes his own pace, Im so confused what do to. Anyone to guide me and help give me some clear thoughts? :(

  30. So much for Taurus’ fidelity. I am in a relationship with a Taurus for two months now, he lives with someone else for 5 year now. He says he loves his girlfriend and she is trying to get pregnant, he has no intentions of leaving her and I am ok with it. He is very loving and caring with her and I believe he loves her, but he is with me too. He’s the most passionate lover, the most sweet companion I ever had. It’s not just about sex he will spend hours with me just chatting or watching a movie, going out together, as sweet and tender as a loving boyfriend would be. They say that a Taurus men takes a long time to fall in love but could he be in love with us both?

    • They are usually known to have ONE lover at a time. The others are just the “harem” of women they keep around to help them with their ego :) They do take their time to see if you are the ONE but in your case he gets his cake and eats it too because he has found his ONE – the girlfriend! Do you want to feel like 2nd choice??? He has been with her for 5 years!!! NOT 5 months, not 5 weeks, not 5 days. How could you be okay sleeping with/being with a guy who tells you he loves another woman that he is trying to procreate with. If it is just about sex then that is a completely different story but if you expect him to fall in love with you, I wouldn’t wait. The time you spend on him could be spent on another guy (or another Taurus) who will be YOUR boyfriend and tell you how much he loves you want you to have his children. This guy sounds like a user :(((

  31. Im Gemini dating a Taurus man both in our 40s, and its been great almost a yr now. He is very attentive, communicates constantly. Maybe maturity mellows the Taurus man lol

    • Yes absolutely. They tend to be “late bloomers” but usually around 32-38 most Taurus men decide it’s time to get serious. Sometimes it’s even later than that! Happy to hear things are good! -C

  32. hi, i’ve been dating my taurus guy for 2 years and 5 month. and Im a cancer woman. Everything was smooth until I got jealous over someone and he was so mad that he told me he needed space. I gave his space, he never texted me or call. I feel like I was the one doing all the effort, I asked him if he can imagine life without me and if he is still happy, he told me he doesn’t know the answer and he was so confused about us. I was so sad and my heart was crushed. 1 week after we talked. I asked him two choices: we should break up cause he wasn’t sure if he was happy with me anymore, OR we should try and work things out. I was so determined cause I feel like I was the one after awhile, he told me that we should try and work things out. but few days after our talk, he seemed distant still :( I want him to want me but not looking so desperate. Is this normal?

  33. follow up…before my jealous issue, i have decided to give him set of rules. Like if you wanna go out every weekend you need to be home this time, you need to update me etc. and then I feel like it was a bad thing giving those set of rules. Then after our fight I told him to forget the rules and told him if you wanna go out i wont stop you or give you set of rules anymore, you are mature enough to know whats bad and good and whats making me upset. And days ago he was with his friend hanging out, he barely update/text me. He wont even bother to text me. and last night I was with my friends, he didnt even text me if how I was doing or something.. and when Im off from work, I always text him first. Im so confused. I love him more than ever and I could see he loves me too but I dont know. is this normal? please comment.

  34. Hey. I am a Libra woman and I have liked this taurus man from the first day I met him and I believe it was the same from his side, but owing to our far off geographical locations it could never materialise. Eventually he started dating someone which didnt last long and now is back in the same city as me. I, meanwhile, had begun dating his very close friend, who happened to be my best friend as well. Now, me and my boyfriend i.e. his very close friend, have realised how we are incompatible sorts and are best being best friends and have retained our status quo. My taurus man has had his break up and has been chatting away with girls and girls, my best friend has told me how my taurus man still has a thing for me evidently and when he gets to know of my breakup would be interested in approaching me. I really want him to approach me and my best friend is like he would definitely once he knows of the break up and would be all the way interested. It just keeps me a bit apprehensive. He did strongly crush on me once, as per my best friend and he insists its still there. I just have doubts. Plus being an air sign and he being an earth sign, I hope it goes all right.
    I could really use some advice. Thankyou.

  35. im really into this Taurus guy and im a leo girl. at first he was aloof. and then he told me we went to the same college and everything was ok. hes awfully reserved. he can go for hours not talking to anyone, days not going out with friends or workmates. but when i came inside his friendship circle he started to talk more, and started going out with friends. everything was ok.

    a month ago, i called him at his workplace and told him id come and see him. when i got there he was gone. i was basically mad at him for not waiting. i decided not to talk and see him anymore since then. a few days after my birthday one of his workmate, a girl called me out for snacks and he was there. he asked why i wasn’t seeing him anymore and i just said things were crazy at the office. he told me he saw me around and i just said OK.

    a week later, i texted his girls workmate and asked to to ask him if he was planning anything after office. he said he didnt have any plans but he’ll go home after office because its raining but if one of our friends would come get him he would. i called our other friends and they came around to get him at his house. but he still didnt come because it was raining he said. so all of his friends including me were pissed and puzzled about his aversion to rain.

    a few days ago i asked him to come at the office to bring me food since my knees were injured. i didnt tell him it was from a motorbike accident. the following rainy morning i waited and then messaged him, asked him if he would be coming, he said he wont come anymore because its raining badly and that he wouldn’t even go home for lunch. his office and my office is just like 500 meters away. we are freinds after all and i am battered knee, if the case was reveresed i would go to him to see how he’s doing. but he didnt.

    i havent seen him for a month now and the only conversation we had for the entire month was those above mentioned. i am trying to understand why he is behaving this way and if it would be wise to sever all communications with him entirely. this makes me a little sad but i am really disappointed in him. its as if he doesnt care at all what happens to people close to him, well of course except his family.

    setting aside all romantic notions between him and me, im really hurt actually that he can endure not seeing me for a long time and not caring how i am.

    can you enlighten me?

  36. Please shed some light on my situation. I am a Leo woman and met this sweet Taurus man in April this year. He is married and has a son. I am a widow with two sons. We enjoyed chatting and shared our love for writing. He told me he had a functional marriage and slept in his own room for two years. The spark was not in his marriage anymore. I tried not to fall for him because he is not the type I go after. We discovered we had deep feelings for each other and he told his wife he wanted to start afresh with me. At first she refused to give up on the marriage and then said she wanted him to be happy. The weekend before my birthday he told me how she tries to hug him etc and I got upset. I wrote a story on wattpad and said she looked like a bus..God how i regret that.
    On the Sunday evening he told me he loved me and a few hours later she read that story then all hell broke loose. He told me I disrespected him and no matter what she was till the mother of his child. He said he would rather remain in an unhappy marriage then be with someone as vindictive as me..I am anything but vindictive!
    The next morning i drove to his workplace but he refused to see me..I called and emailed but go no response. It’s three weeks now and I ache for can a man who loved so deeply cut me off like that. He was prepared to give up everything for me…how can i make this right?

    • Zee,

      He’ll get over it. One thing I have learned about Taurus is that he doesn’t mean everything he says…. a lot of times it’s the opposite… He might be more cautious around you for awhile, and also may tell you that your relationship is over, BUT if he truly loves you, he’ll forgive you and take you back. Give him time to realize he may have over-reacted. Then, he’ll just be mad at himself!

    • He is mad because you were out of line and disrespectful. …you stole her husband, but even then you still had to be mean I would be upset as well. Imagine if that was you. Married and gave children to a man and for whatever reason it falls apart and the new woman on his arm becomes disrespectful I am sure you wouldn’t like it. I don’t think you need to ask what is wrong with your taurus man I think you need to be a better who. Please ladies I beg of you stop trying to bring down other women. Its a disgusting act and it speaks nothing good of you.

    • Everyone makes mistakes and yours affected your future with this man. We have all done stupid shit like sending our boss the wrong email that says he is a dick in it etc. Sorry to break it to you but I think he was using this as an excuse to not leave his marriage. He probably wasn’t sure about his decision and you kind of helped him make it – stay with his wife and work on his marriage. I am only speculating here, I don’t know what you had written in your story beside the fact that she looks like a bus (ouch). Honestly if I were you I would encourage him, or better stay away from him and his marriage and let him work it out – why is he even telling you how she tried to hug him? If his marriage was really “over” he would not have been so upset and went back to his wife – I feel like he still cares enough and protective over her – that comment about her struck a cord with him. If that wasn’t the case, he would have just been pissed at you, gave you a peace of his mind and probably went through with separating with his wife especially since he told her he was leaving her. Taurus are stubborn so I would let him cool off, they rarely change their minds but you never know. From what I know about them, when they leave you they still observe you. In this case instead of his wife soon to have been ex acting out, you did the acting out :( See what happens next but whatever you do, don’t contact him anymore. There will be others – unmarried ones (remember Karma :)))

  37. Help me! I’m so caught up in this guy. I met about a year ago, I’m Aquarius, he Taurus.. At first, friends and he reached out to me, so I reached back. He is younger and never thought of him as dating or boyfriend material. Weeks go by and one day I flirted with him openly, to let him know I thought he was kinda’ cute. Well, he took that and ran with it, said he was married, but if he wasn’t, he would take me up on my proposition. That shocked me because I never intended it to mean anything. I knew he was married, another reason why I would stay away from him. Which brings us to today… head over heals madly in love feel like I’ve been hit by some magical power… the guy flirts with me endlessly, all day, we work together, and he doesn’t stop. He tells me how good I look, what I’m wearing looks good, how good I smell, what he wants to do with me, where can we meet, after work, before work, dirty talk, sexy talk, always trying to turn me on… and it’s just one big turn on all day, joking all day….now, he’s asking me when are we going to do this thing…and to answer him yes or no.. I never answer him so he told me one of these days going to jump me.. I told him good, I’ve been waiting..He said it would make things so much easier if I told him what I want, then he could do something about his situation….This leads me to… what am I to do? I really like him, so much fun. I don’t want him to cheat on his wife, but if it were some other girl, they would have already done the deed..We’ve had so many deep conversations…know his life and he knows mine… and more…I feel like I’m on the spot now and he won’t give up… I know he likes me alot, the way he looks at me like he’s in love… he just stares and looks at every part of my face and body….so romantic..I have to tell him to shush or be quiet and then he gets mad, says I’m trying to tell him how to think or feel..funny. Anyway, we have not been out and knowing him, he would not make a good liar to his wife. We could do the dirty at work but that would be disgusting and can’t even imagine that although I can imagine other things… he asks me at night, let’s do this now, come here, in which I chicken out and tell him let’s go home. ..He’s kind, good, hard worker, generous, sweet. He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a guy. I’ve been married twice, he once. He has only told me a couple things about his marriage and glad he doesn’t ever talk about her or them. She’s very young and immature, that’s all I know and can tell. Been married for a year and no kids. I’m at the point where I’m ready to be with him but this is very complicated. How do I do this? I want to tell him but not… he told me I’m so hard to figure out and I got to let him know something….I told him he’s just going to have to try harder.. Sounds like he’s on the verge of making some sort of decision… yes or no??

  38. I have a serious problem with Taurus man. Im highly depressed and confused whether i should sort out the situation or leave it.Please help me everybody. I am an aries female 28, my male is Taurus and 32.We are both never married and live in one city. We met through a matrimonial website. we started chatting daily and texts and whatsapp each other for a month. Than he told me he is visiting my city to meet his family and he will meet me, he was excited like hell. While he was on his way to my city he was going crazy with excitement to meet me. The day arrived and we met, we liked each other and we were very happy to found each other. Before coming to the city he told me that he was searching his soul mate and that He has now found me and he is going to tell his family now. since he has a very busy work schedule, he got busy with his things and we texted and called each other on and off. We used to talk for hours about our life, sex and alot of other things and never get bored. He liked my style and the way i turn him on usually. He use to call me his soul mate. Than he has to go to some other city for work and he left. i waited for his reply and msged him whether he reached safely or not. He messaged me once and than got lost in to his schedule. I waited and again messaged and the time came when i hesitantly asked him what exactly happened that he is avoiding me like this. He opened up to me and said he was fighting for me with his parents.His parents want him to get married to some other girl in their family and his family is now continuously asking him about his opinion. He told me that he is in confusion between his parents and me. I cried, i went crazy after listening to this.I love him too much because he is a nice guy but the attitude he showed suddenly after leaving the city made me suspicious about him. its been a week and he has stopped talking to me. He told me not to call him and leave him alone because he wants to be alone now. I am extremely devastated and going crazy with his behavior. We never fought and we were extremely happy and planning things for future. Once i called him and told him to wait till i meet him the coming month and we will sort out things untill than he should not respond to parents and postpone the wedding because that girl does not even know my man.
    Now the situation is such that he is not talking to me and not responding to my messages he is completely silent.But he have me still in his facebook list and skype. He comes online but we dont talk. Im going to his city next month where we will be alone and will get plenty of time to spend. I just want him to postpone the things and wait until we meet. Im in the middle:
    he wants me or he don’t?
    Does he still love me and thats why he didnt delete me from social sites or its just an act?
    Please help me what should i do? should i leave the matter and wait till he msg me back or should i keep contacting him and remind him that im still waiting for his reply and want him like before….Pls pls help me ……

  39. I dont know mine I was more than good to sex like 6times a day sometimes great he had sex w/my old bff forgave him cheated n lied all the time and put his hands on me for the stupidest shit im a aries woman hes the ONLY guy I ever been with im 22 hes 32 I been with one other realitionship witch was a girl it was like when we made it official and I gave him 100% of my love he didnt love me n e more

  40. My Taurus Man would NEVER cheat because I would fucking kill him! He has some of the characteristics above. But is more Sensitive, loyal, and caring.

  41. Hey I Love Astrology But I am a Taurus Man and I must express that alot of what was said was generally true but small details like choice in women where way off. Im saying this simply to remind you that Not all Taurus men are the same it all depends on the date of birth and location. In order true truly understand your partner you should check out there natal chart and be very observant of how he reacts to you and how you react to him.. It is always flattering yet humbling when reading my own Astrological information but truth is is you wont understand your partner from just looking from the surface.. Thats what astrology is all about. And so I also would like to mention that I and all Taurean men I know prefer one women relationships we went through a short phase of cheating but it normally only takes one time of breaking her heart that puts us into a more balance state. But anyway I love this Blog and I really love astrology but Im just serving as a reminder that when encountering any man or women they will be in a balance state in their life or an unbalance state ( mentally,emotionally,physiologically,spiritually) and it is important before making any assumptions astrologically to decipher where there are.. because quite frankly when we Tauren men are unbalance we are very emotional and unstable and it is in that time where we should be single and to ourselfs for reflection.. we need this.. So if you are dating one and he is weak and immature and slow just know he is still transition and you might want to let him go so he can grow.. and when in relationships with Tauraus men and like myself we are extremely selfless to the ones we give our hearts to but in most cases it wont come off this way for many of reasons..

    • Hi Sean! Yes you’re absolutely correct it does depend on their natal and progressed charts. In my private astrology practice I sometimes take 8+hrs to analyze a chart before offering any information. Like a flower in bloom our souls are very complex. That being said this site is purely for entertainment and a good laugh. It’s not the end all, be all of Taurus men information. Thank you for taking the time to post and please come back soon <3 Much Love.

  42. I am a Capricorn Woman who had my chart done and interestingly found out that most of my suns and moons were in Sag when I was born 1/5/72 at 12pm and I feel so much more like a Sag…anyway, I have been with a Taurus/Gemini cusp (5/19/71) for almost 8 years. Add to that a crack addiction he has and you have a life of hell. He leaves for days/weeks at a time with no call, text….nothing. He will then just call out of the blue or come home as if nothing happened. He never takes his things with him ( I assume a reason to come by or call) and this has been going on almost the entire 8 years. He really mellowed on the leaving for a few years but lately he is right back at it. He left about 2 weeks ago, came up with some bullshit story-none of which I believe because he is such a liar and after a week with no fighting and everything going well he just left again on Monday. Today is Wednesday and again, no word from him. It’s funny that we are in a retrograde mode b/c my ex husband (Scorpio) just sent me a very long tex about being together again. I just don’t love him. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • I was with a man who was secretly addicted to crack many years ago. He would steal my money, my car, etc and leave for two days.. always returning with wild stores which I sadly believed for too long. He was arrested over and over for DUI and I felt sorry for him, so i stuck around. Big mistake. I regret giving my whole life to him for that long. Crack Addicts don’t change nor do they get better. Ok they can, but it’s not the norm. Leave him and never everrrr go back.

      As far as your X Husband, the scorpio, if you don’t love him don’t try to love him. Often times our Karma connects us to people from our past/other lives. If you force a connection when the Karmic ties have been severed it’s likely you’ll learn a harsh lesson.

      As a Sagg dominant person you should embrace your freedom. honor your archetypes and travel, be a student or teacher, take up horseback riding.. Anything esoteric or new age nourishes the Sagg spirit.

      Mercury RX always brings the past back to the surface. It’s time to reanalyze everything. A big solar eclipse is this weekend, providing the strength you’ll need. Good Luck.

  43. Ladies it is very simple. If a Taurus man “loves” you not “likes” you he will commit to you and ONLY you. They rarely say I love you unless they mean it. If he is unsure of you, then he will sleep with you and everyone else he can charm into his bed. Why? Because they are sensual and sexual as hell. The most of all the zodiacs. They are very cautious and move very slow when picking their partner. They spend their lives looking for the “one” and along the way will sleep around. If he is not committed to you, then leave his ass till he does commit like Veronica did. Smart move! If you are sleeping with him and he has a gf why would he break up with her when he can have his cake and eat it too. If you research this sign more you will find that they like a challenge – which means don’t make it easy for him to get into your pants! In terms of game playing and mind games they are masters at it till you beat them at their own game. So don’t chase him and call him all day long. They are jealous and possessive but that can be pretty sexy too. That means he loves you so much he doesn’t want to share you with anyone else. Act classy and ladylike and he won’t be suspicious of you so don’t talk about your past or any bfs that you had. Pretend to be a born again virgin if you may haha (joking). I am a Capricorn (apparently perfect match for a Taurus) and have done my share of research on them lately. Yes they are constantly testing you and when you finally pass that test, that’s when they commit with a RING! Knowing they are materialistic, that ring will be damn big so good luck ladies. Btw they disappear and reappear a lot – seems like something all Taurus do! Yes agree with the post above. Maturity really matters with Taurus men.

  44. Thanks Christina – cool blog btw. How come you don’t agree Taurus is the best match for Capricorn (or one of the earth signs like him)? I actually consulted an astrologist on this.

    • Hey CaliGirl, well I’m an astrologer so now you can have two professional opinions. Capricorn likes intellectual information and hates to be wrong. Taurus likes to be correct no matter the info they have. They are stubborn and can “bully” their partners. A Capricorn while patient and level headed may not mesh well with a Taurus because of the constant ego-games or head games which go on. For a Capricorn I’d usually go with a Virgo.. Patient, meticulous, and detail oriented.. Sure to win over Cappy’s heart. That doesn’t mean that Cappy can’t “be” with a Taurus, if their rising sign is Virgo or even Gemini etc that’d be a good match. I never say never, because it depends on the rising sign, moon, jupiter positions etc. I’m a Leo/Cancer cusp with a Cancer man. We’re technically not compatible on paper but his rising sign is Virgo/Moon in Taurus and my Rising is Scorpio Moon on Aqu/Cap cusp. So we get along well. <3

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  46. You are so right Christine there are so many factors that come into play. My guy is a Taurus sun, Aries moon and I think Scorpio rising sign. I need to double check these again :)) I am a Capricorn sun, Virgo moon and Leo rising sign. Oh and I usually don’t get along with Virgo guys, I find them way too quiet, frugal with their money and not very ambitious hmm… again all generalization and based on my personal experience of course.

  47. Help me smart ladies please!!!! I am a virgo woman, its been a year since me and my taurus ex broke up. He lives in florida and i live in canada. Hes studying and 21, and im studying and 21, we both live with our own families and are too young to do anything about our situation. That is, until I got a car accident settlement coming my way and would like to use some of the cash to do law in miami so i can be a 30 min drive from him. Generally speaking, law is the path I have chosen for myself, specifically speaking, miami because its close to him. He said we would never be able to be in a relationship again because distance the first time around was difficult and created problems (trust issues etc). He did admit recently he missed me when I MSG’d him first to see how he was doing, and I admitted I missed him right back. And we had phone sex lol. And than he disappeared for awhile and honestly, its so shocking that all these emotions resurfaced I kind of disasppeared too. We needed time to consume everything that just happened…So now Im sitting here typing this, excited to be getting a whole lot of money in May, confused because I dont know if I should make the leap there to study near him…Im confused about it because why is it that I want to make the extra effort to make us work? Why can’t he think the same way? Why isn’t he thinking the same way, I mean, Im a virgo, I consider myself perfect, at least for him I consider myself perfect and hes perfect for me (and boy are virgo’s picky). The fact is, I know he misses me, I know he has feelings still, I know that after a year and 8 months I have really tried my hardest in every way possible to move forward and alot of great things have come about because of it but I still cant let these feelings die. What do I do? I was thinking of maybe doing some paralegal certificate course for a few months in miami cause firstly its cheaper for me in case he for example doesnt get back together with me and secondly because I am a slow learner (haha an avid student but yes a little slow since the car accident) so maybe some paralegal work for a few years would be a great prep for law school and the real deal. Thats the basic story line and I would love a little feedback…
    To Recap:
    he did truly say i miss you, why didnt you tell me you wanted to come study here and visit the uni in may?, you look really beautiful these days, i miss your voice, and he said a few other sexual related things which I know are important and mean alot for him like how he hasnt gone down on anyone since our break up and hes only had sex twice he said he was drunk both times and he didnt enjoy it much because you arent 100% comfortable with the person….and how he misses MY body.

    So yeah really thats why Im so confused? Would like some input ladies, thanks

  48. I’m a cancer woman, 21 and I met a Taurus male, 22 just over a month ago. It was an instantaneous connection – never have felt one like that in my life. We would stay up and talk until 5 AM, he told me some of the deepest secrets and stories from his past that have made him who he is today. He is just starting up his own business, extremely intelligent and always tells me that he has never met a girl like me before who he can talk to about his business and she actually understands and can give constructive feedback. He was non-stop talking to me and asking to hang out the first couple weeks and so we hung out a lot – haven’t gone on an official date yet but have had our share of fun. He told me he was going to “win me” and that we have always been on the same page from the first time we hung out. Calls me beautiful all the time, I was so elated, really feeling like I had met someone so great for me. Smart, successful and sweet to me – exactly what I need.

    There were a couple hiccups Halloween weekend where he said he would come out and then ended up not being able to (friends, mom came into town) but we worked through those things and hung out a few times since then.

    He’s SO bad with his phone, never answers anybody and told me that but also told me that he reads every single one of my messages. The last couple weeks he got even worse with his phone towards me but still wanted to see me…he’s been extremely busy with the business, they just got an investment so he’s been working on many other partnerships lately; constantly in meetings. Another couple hiccups last weekend and he said he’s glad we didn’t meet up after going out because we need to do something together instead of just hanging out. Time before that he would barely let me touch him, he said he didn’t want that to be what we were, he didn’t want the reason I like him to be just physical attraction – obviously I told him it wasn’t, but it’s definitely a huge plus.

    So last Saturday he blows up my phone while I’m out and I don’t hear it; when I do I have 3 missed calls and 3 missed messages that he wants to hang out and cuddle. I answer when I finally hear it, my phone was about to die – eventually we agree to hangout and I was going to go get him since he was feeling kind of sick and already in bed. He tells me to call him multiple times if he doesn’t answer – I drive to his apartment and keep calling him but he doesn’t wake up and I hear nothing. He doesn’t answer me until 3 PM the next day and says he was still sleeping and is so sick that he’s going to the doctor now. A couple hours later he says he’s headed to the hospital. I hear nothing for nearly 6 hours so I start to worry and let him know I’m worried and it’s not fair that he hasn’t updated me on his condition. He said they were sticking all these needles in his back (he had a fever) and he would call me when he got out.

    I tried brief contact early in the week, Monday morning telling him that I hope he feels better and the same on Tuesday but never heard back. Wednesday evening (we would hang out every Wednesday and watch American Horror Story since we met…) I message him saying that it’s basically messed up he hasn’t said anything to me since the last news I heard was that he was in the hospital, and if he never wants to talk to me again to just man up and say that. Again, no answer…

    I made no contact the rest of the week and it is now Sunday and I’ve still heard nothing from this guy. I just don’t know what to do at all, and don’t know if he’s ever going to come back and talk to me again, and this whole ordeal is just unbelievable.

    Confused/slightly needy cancer girl missing her Taurus man…

  49. I am a Scorpio woman, who was in a relationship with a Taurus man for 6 months. In the beginning he was sweet, caring, and understanding the type of guy that would be a dark night to a princess. Until I started to notice that he was always on a mission. It seemed like he had another life out there. When we first meet he said that he was single, no children, never been married and he was in his 30’s. Come to find out all that shit was a damn lie. So I started to sit back and see if more lies was coming and they did as time went on. So one night he invited me over his house and I went. Then he went to take a shower and left his phone in the room with me so I went through the phone. Lawd!!!! I seen the texts message from his wife..Saying that they need to spend more family time together and he was asking her if he could have her for more days. So I later found out being a typical scorpion; not by him that he was married/separated, with like 6 children with different women, and he is almost 50 years old but, he looks like he’s in his 40’s. Even with everything I found out I still was willing to be there only if he would have come clean about everything, which he didn’t. He still denied everything so I started to ignore his calls and texts but, that just backed fired because he was like “SO” as if he didn’t care at all. Recently, I got fed up with him and his being selfish, all the lies and told him I was seeing someone else..this guy said “dang that was careful”. At that point I just smiled and told myself I am too good for him I can do better! There is still a bitterness feeling in my heart for him because I wanted more for him than he really wanted for his self.

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