The Gemini Man

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

This air sign is flaky, fun, and fabulous. They can be a little sketchy sometimes.. He may forget meaningless things you’ve babbled to him because he was too busy thinking about something else. Gemini men are always very unique people.

He will always have lots of friends, regardless of his unpredictable dependency. His gift of gab means major party connections.. and a great wardrobe to go with it. They’re flighty, unless they’re hooked on you, so don’t plan things in advance. Be spontaneous and wear yellow or green! Take your Gemini man to a modern art museum opening, public park thespian performance, or a huge music festival.

Ask him his stories, plans, and thoughts. These men love sharing information and ideas. Put him to work building or fixing something for you. Even if he’s clueless he won’t tell you, he’ll figure out how to fix it.

Their motto is I THINK. Gemini is ruled by the communication oriented planet Mercury. They work in the fields of advertisement, show business, performance, and mass communications. Their ideal women would be very fashion forward and sexy. His friends will have a say in who he dates, so be nice to them if you dig the Gem guy. He will return the favor with brilliant and endless conversation.

Gemini guys want an independent woman and can’t stand cling! They are irregular about sex and may tend to have a wandering eye. If you are insecure- he is not the man for you!

Drawbacks to this seemingly perfect fun frenzy include the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde archetype, that dude was totally a Gemini. If you start dating a Gemini, always remember he is really two people. One of the twins may love you, but expect the other to fucking hate you. That’s just how they operate. 

When they’re miserable they’re overweight, loathing, argumentative, and very selfish. They like to gamble on stupid shit.

When you date a Gemini guy, he may seem to be lacking interest initially. He’s just testing the waters. They play the best mind games in the dating circus! He will think about you, your flaws, advantages etc, and then make a decision weather to date you or not. After he decides you’re not crazy, he will start to show more noticeable interest. These guys have quite enough crazy for three people, their two internal twins, and you.

48 thoughts on “The Gemini Man

  1. I just got my gemini to recognize that im not crazy after talking for ten months, he worked on setting my mind frame to think like his strange way of thinking, got me to open out of my comfort zone talked me into asking him out I finally did then he focused on my past flaws that was really unnessary to talk about but he used it against me & dumped me because my past mistakes are concidered redflags, as well he got tired of hearing me tell him he unreliable & not of his words so tone that makes him a liar, he tells me its all in my

    head & dumps me, its driving me crazy because I pit in so much work with this guy just to easily walk away, I know there strong think#rs do you think my gemini will try to work on returning back tome? If so how do I handle talking to him I know to keep a hold on them you have to play mid games and im willing cause I miss my gemini & I want himback

    • I completely understand your story. Same here. Im a Scorpio who got dumped by a Gemini man for the same reasons. I suggest you have a go as friends first. Idk, Gemini men seem to make better friends than lovers.

      • So true Gemini men gets u to think like them but I suppose that’s the way u keep up with them while u still willing to be with them but be more of a friend then a lover to them that way u don’t fall so hard when shit hits the fan or better yet leave him its gets to much .Ag we all say Gemini men are lousy lovers but I think most men are the same they just disappoint in a different way each to his own.
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  2. Latoya let me tell you something about Gemini men, they are insane. If they aren’t insane it’s because they aren’t very smart (yet). Beware of their games. THEY LOVE GAMES. So worrying is just what he wants you to do. They will drain your energy and then come back to you.. When you beg them they feel empowered and voila- he’s won! WALK AWAY. He will feel uneasy with your cool attitude and fearfully come back to poke around. Play it cool and talk about another man you just met.. Tell him how special he treats you.. and how KIND he is. Tell him you like kindness. Then you guys can play the “I can be nicer and sweeter than you game”. I played that with a Gemini once for years. We got engaged. Then I realized he was totally insane, and we broke up.. On the escalator in the mall.. Kind of by the GAP. I was over it. Gemini’s are exhausting. Get yourself a good Virgo if you want brilliance girl. Good luck!

    • I believe you my guy loves to go in the restroom and look at porn ang jerking off. And we had sex the day before it’s sad he don’t know that I know that’s what he is doing right this moment smh.. I ‘m sexy and pretty every time I go out some one is trying to talk to me. I think he is trying to make me feel bad. I just look at him and cant really can’t put into words. He flirts in public with others with his eyes some people thinks he is a freaky person and not to be trusted. Some ladies turn their heads when he talk I smh. And he lies a lot I mean a lot my gosh everything come out has to be so overwhelming or excited to get your attention.

  3. I totally and utterly agree. Gems LOVE mindgames! Its just something in them and they enjoy it for shits n giggles. Its sad too cuz they are and can be so awesome. give everything you want and/or need. So is life.

  4. my experience of gemin man is not good. he came on fast at the begining of our 15 month relationship. said he loved me after fisrt month. wrote me beautiful letters and cards promised hed never hurt me and NEVER wanted to loose me. we had 2 holidays together 2 christmas,s his family loved me we started planning a future together and possibly marriage then SUDDENLY he finished with me over really silly reasons for example ive scratched his table ! he really began nitpicking i left upset and never heard anything from him .i sent him one text that hed broken my heart but he never responded. its been 2 months now. im left to heal my broken heart. i think im gonna be very wary if i ever meet a gemini man again.every thing ive read on line about gemini men has proved to be true in my case. be very careful.

  5. I’ve been dating a gemini man for nearly two years now. Since month one we had problems because of religion things and he can never really go against his mother. And, each time we tried to break up cause we know at the end of the day his family will never accept our relationship. However, at the end of the day we always end up together cause the fact is we so understand each other and can never really stay away from each other. But then he went on holidays for three months now because he wanted a break from his family who are always here to control his life. And, yesterday we had a fight and he told me that he wants to end up everything, let’s take some distance. I know him really well to say that he said all that in anger but I was really mad at him and didn’t tell him to stay. I just accepted what he said and told him ok let’s take some distance. But the fact is that I love him a lot :'(. Yesterday, before leaving he told me that he don’t want to lose me, and that he miss me a lot and that he loves me too. I really don’t know what should I understand? He told me that it’s over but then told me he loves me :S . . He told me when he’s back hope I will meet him, etc.. We both love each other, but again if he told me to take some distance it’s because of his parents. I’ve decided not to mail him, talk to him for some time, because I believe if he truly loves me one day or another he should realise that. I’ve always been here for him and it hurts to leave him alone because I know he always needs someone to encourage him in life but I don’t think I have a choice if I want to know what is my place in his life :'( . .For the first time I’ve saw a guy crying for me yesterday, crying till making his shirt wet :S . . everything seems so complicated right now, i really don’t know what to do :'( . .

  6. My gem told me he wanted nothing to do with me we’ve been fucking on & off for four months. Guess I did something weird to piss him off now he wants nothing to do with me. He text me and said he doesn’t want to hang anymore and to please not like him.

  7. …My gemini ex-boyfriend left his ex girlfriend for me, and six months later went back to his ex girlfriend for a year………….we started hooking up again after a year of not talking…then he stopped talking to me out of no where for about three months, and within that amount of time i started dating someone else for the first time since i dated the gemini……and then he starts getting in touch with me again, and for some stupid reason that I honestly will never be able to figure out, I started hanging out with him again. for some reason, his flighty nature began to change ( or i thought it did ) and for about 2 and a half months we were together every other day and it was great, except for the fact I knew he’d eventually do his little out of no where disappearing act and i’d feel like an idiot again for the 25th time for actually believing his flighty nature had changed when it never will. well, about a week later, after a night i was over at his house, he didn’t talk to me for two weeks…….he called me two nights ago, obviously inebriated, asking if i wanted to hang out because he hadn’t seen me in s0o0o0o0o0o0 long and, for some unexplainable reason again, i went completely along with it and like always ended up feeling like an idiot the next day because i knew i wouldn’t see him again for god only knew how long but while we were together everything was just great, like it always is…………… gemini boys understand how shallow they are? or do they just think they’re making up for the things they’ve done to hurt people by leading them on……..again? I’m a leo girl………….no guy has ever made me act like such an idiot for ….. two and a half years, and each time i have the opportunity just to ignore him, and I’ve tried (kind of), i just completely throw myself under a big yellow bus and give in, like he had never, ever made me feel like it was socially acceptable to cry hysterically at 2pm on my balcony listening to death cab for cutie….. (oops)…i just don’t get Gemini’s and I know I could do so much better, but I just can’t say no to any really late phone calls..or texts..or a text inviting me to go see him or something….he’s also the biggest dufus i know, and I once attended an ivy league school even if only for a brief time. whatever i sound so conflicted. gemini men probably need to lay off the acid and start paying for a therapist

    • Hi Ahna, it so sad to c wat u ve been thru in d hands of dis gemini guy. but i would say its partly ur fault. d way u respond to his disappearin acts is rather bad. u should b mirrorin his actions not rewardn his bad behavour. I think downloadin a copy of ‘why men love bitches’ will help u understnd d male psychology and giv u an upperhand in ur relationship

      • Hi Ahna just ignore him,this is your chance to get him back by saying “NO” he wants to be with you again cause things is sour with his girlfriend or better yet meet with him and give him a peace of your mind ,tell him u not interested and then go back to your new men you met ,if I was you ,I would just enjoy my new men.
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  8. yes you YOU DO have the strength to leave this relationship once and for all. its no good for you.. get out. do not go back ignore his calls and move on , not to another geminin though.

  9. Been dating a gemini for abt 3 months and this has to be the most emotionally draining shit ive ever been in. He is sweet abt 15%.of the time.
    .the other 85 he is a total ass!!

    • Agree with u totaly koko I call him gemini devil and I tell him that , I tell him exactly who is and what he is but I don’t let him cheat me into doing things I don’t want to do,best thing is if u wanna be with a gemini men u have to be single and just use him for pleasure and sexual pleasure cause they are te greatest lovers in bed. Don’t ever want a future with them its suicide.and while u with them don’t tell or show them u inlove treat them like they treat us.
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  10. Same story here-I just ended relationship with a Gemini man. We’ve been together for just one month. All stories above match with his nature. He would lie,cheat, disappear for days, use me materially…he was showing no emotions but wanted me to tell him I loved him. He was pissed off when I told him it was a short time for that. Day before I met him for the last time, he promised me he had plans for us to, next day he just showed up to give me the key’s of my car he used for days and I since then I haven’t met him. He text ed and called me next days, playing mind games, moreover ordering me to go out and meet him out in the midnight, which I refused. When he sent an sms saying he will come over my place, I just ignored it. I figured what was going on, that these were his games, there is no future with him so I wouldn’t answer his sms’s nor phone calls. Finally, he sent an sms telling me he never wanted to break up with me that way, that he feels bad but since it is my wish to end the relationship, he will respect it. It is four days now he did not contacted me. I am Pisces myself and honestly I think he behaved as a psycho-one day nice and loving nature, next day nervous and angry. As a Pisces I am very sensitive but I finally understood Gemini is not a man for me and at the end it is me to be hurt. He never gave me any compliment nor has shown any respect for me but he always expected me to say something nice to him. He gave me all those promises, never kept. So, I made a cut! I liked him but I respect myself more. Gemini man are evil, not to trust, liars and cheaters, they have 2 personalities and you never know who he is any given day-exactly as described everywhere on the internet. To me they are idiots, not funny at all and with superficial knowledge. Never getting involved with another one and I am so proud I sacked him out of my life. I need someone to love and who will love me-not an moron to play around with me, my feelings and life.

  11. This is so true! I once met a gemini 9months ago and he already said he loves me and wanted to marry me. I said it’s so soon, but he insisted and he went to our house from another country and everyone thinks he is crazy, liar, very talkative and boasting. My family doesnt like him and everytime we go out, he always get mad easily with people and shout at them and he always think he is the best and everyone is stupid or an idiot. He always go on and off. One day he loves me, the next day he will just disapear and will say he really didnt love me,. Then after a week or so, he will return and cry! Then the next day he will not talk to me anymore! He is crazy! He has been with many women before and had children and all the women got mad at him. He is like a psycho! It hurts but he fooled me so much and wasted my time and caused my family to hate me! One day he will come back to me again, i know bec no one will ever love him and can tolerate his attitude! He is so cheap! He dont want to buy anything! fuck him!

  12. i know how that feel , they do play mind game . deal with one now wish he didn’t judge me or put me in my feeling. at time feel crazy for mess with him.

    • Just treat a Gemini men the way he treats u, I’ve been with one for 3 months adapt with his mood don’t give him the chance to feel that u can’t live without him lol even if u do , don’t be clingy and negging if he takes time out for some reason just do your own thing and one other thing talk about sex leave him a freaky message then ignore his responds play him that will keep him interested .

  13. I’m very sorry that a lot of you lady’s have been hurt by a Gemini man. I’m dating a Gemini man. Gemini female here as well I do think I understand him more because of that, we share the same kinda crazy.. I must say after a year of being together we have had some great times, awesome times and times to remember.. even thou my Gemini man loves to mind fuck me in everyway he knows how, I love it,,,………as long as you are not a down and out person and willing to learn new things, (myself being a Gemini loves new and exciting thing a places) you will keep your Gemini coming back for more. make creative foods something new or little notes in his pocket just saying I love you or your my little monkey noodle I know,, cheese ball, but hey I know what he likes.. I don’t think its just Gemini men a lot of guys that think they are some player think they can use a lady you have to be strong…( don’t have time for all that)… always remember there someone out there that will love you…And love to have you..;-)R&B(-:

  14. I just sent him a message explaining how I was so unhappy because I knew we weren’t right for each other but still wanted to be with him and i hope we can be friends again some day and all he said was “you’ll always have a special place in my heart xoxo” so i guess no friendship in the future?

  15. I met a Gemini recently, and, being a Leo, I find this particular Gemini hysterically funny and very, very attractive. However, he is footloose and “kind of a non-truth-teller.” Geminis usually annoy me. Leos and Geminis are supposed to get along. Most of the time, I really hate this sign. They use the “Gemini duality” trait too often. Gossipy, also. They TALK. They don’t know how to keep a Secret. They will lie. I found a Gemini who is cute AND Funny…for now…this Air Sign is as free as the wind…

  16. My Gemini man experience has been an odd one. I am an Aquarius w/ heavy Pisces and Scorpio placements. My first Gemini as embarrassed I am to admit this was married(yeah I was young and dumb). He wined and dined me and was the most romantic man I ever been with. The sex was mediocre, but his charm and gifts made up for that. He had a roving eye and I didn’t care. Why should I? He wasn’t my husband.Guilt set in and I got tired of the sneaking around and broke it off. He had a major tantrum about it even though he was already on the hunt for a new fling smh…

    Now comes Gemini #2. A very freaky artistic musician who I know is seeing someone in another state , but he claims they are “not together”. I did something stupid (damn Pisces Moon) and told him I was crazy about him. It intrigued him and we got into some heavy on line flirting. Then it just stopped! He was unavailable and was not answering my text. Total split personality that is a turnoff even for an eccentric like myself. Behold I ignore him and now I get 5 text messages from him a day. If you want “exquisite torture” the Gemini is right for you. I don’t think as an Aquarius I am compatible w/such a beast. My watery placements need a Pisces or Scorpio(they’re better in bed ;).

  17. STAY away from gemini !! they play lots of mind games. one second they are sooooooooooooooooo into you and other they are making out with someone else. It is true that they keep multiple partners. And no matter what they do, we give in easily. They are really charming and can fool you. But geminis are not completely bad person they have goodness inside their heart too but they are just toooooooo bipolar! They need to see a therapst ! @ahna I am a leo too. We are supposed to be egostical but we give in to gemini so easily. Its better to stay away from them and just not get bothered no matter how hot/charming/sweet they are. They can be tricky. Gemini and Leo just dont work out. We always end up hurt :/ sorry but MOVE ON WHEN YOU CAN ! JUST SAY NO ! AND STAY AWAY FROM HIM.Later he ll realize he made a mistake letting you go !! Stupid gemini.

  18. This new Gemini guy is driving me crazy. He talks it all up about all he wants to do together. We talk on the phone for hours and he asks me everything and even get mad when I tell him stories of people who have hurt me. Its almost been a month, we have had sex 3 times.. Since the last time last week I have barely heard from him. I do not text him or call him I let him come to me and just isnt and I feel hurt.. did he mean all that shit?? AARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH DAMMIT! He was so sweet and seemed like he was interested in more then sex, he wanted to know about ME .. no he is being a jerk in my eyes. He doesnt owe me anything. He did say he loved me (when he came) the last time we did have sex but I didnt beleive him and acted like he didnt say it. I know no one can get in his head but why would anyone do that? I am 44 and he is 47.. I thought he was more mature then that. I have sent him a text tonight saying that the distance was confusing to me and I hoped he was ok and that I missed talking to him… no response WTF I cannot sleep

    • Gemini’s like to be enticed. They like things to be interesting and fresh. Sounds like he wants some space to regroup. True it’s possible it may just be about sex, it’s hard to tell with a Gem guy. They’re very quick to change their minds. If I were you I’d go out alone or work on your hobbies, read a book, go walking more.. Anything to show him you are comfortable with yourself and confidant in your ability to entertain yourself. Gem men hate to be in heavy relationships especially right away. They need to show off some and like to be showed off to. Good luck.

      • Exactly Christina they like to be free Gemini’s wants a women with her own mind a strong women that knows who she is as a person with them you need to put yourself first if the nasty twin comes out be nasty and tell that twin not to mess with you if the lovely twin comes out be lovely that’s how I handle my Gemini guy peace I am out.
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      • I am with a Gemini men now and I tell him that his ways can also be borring .I tell him so he knows where he stands with me ,I tell him if u gotta go u gotta go I am not playing games with u.
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      • Lol girl I will ,would u go for another Gemini guy again.
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      • Hahaha good for u girl they can be tiresome but I will let u no when I am done with his ass lol.
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    • My suggestion is kick his ass to the curb you 44 and obviously you don’t wanna play games he is 47 almost 50 and playing games that should tell you something any way just having sex 3 times is just not enough to be head over hills with someone, we are growin women not if any more we can control our emotions .if a Gemini don’t respond back his gone they get easily bored not your fault girl move on,set the bar high and go find the men you want.God bless
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      • I second that Christina women should stop letting them over power us play with us , we are not play mates.They should no they can’t just get away with things just because they Gemini.that is so tiresome.
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    • Hey Jules.
      I felt felt compelled to write to you. All you’ve put about this man is eerily like the one I’ve allowed into my heart when he’s truly not deserving. I am a a libra girl, what’s your sign? I am also a Jules and the same age. Yet the Gemini whos played my heart n mind so well is 39.. let’s talk. Remember they’re the child of the zodiac. So they never grow up.

  19. Thanks ladies! I am gonna sound like such a fool saying this but I am gonna give him the benefit of the doubt once.. He is a busy man and works 2 jobs from 7am to midnight. Another thing I didnt mention was that he told me when we fist hooked up he said “dont hurt me.. everytime I start to like a girl, I end up getting hurt”. So, I am hoping he is regrouping and/or just busy even tho it takes less then a minute to respond to a text. I am so mad at myself for thinking he was different. I told him that I didnt want to just be a just booty call and he didnt leave me alone for days after that.. we talked on the phone for hours. Its just confusing and I dont date much and well, he set my expectations high with all the talk. I have read that Gemini men will back off if they catch strong feeling because it scares them. I really am trying to be strong and after the text he is gonna have to come to me… And if, he does which I believe he will IT IS NOT gonna be that easy for him.. he will def have to prove himself and that he is valid in his words

  20. I have a confession. I’m a Gemini man. I’m just commenting, because I REALLY don’t wanna turn into an asshole. I mean, I try to be right and I discovered astrology and self realization both around the time of 16 now becoming more aware to things, but still more complicated with myself and I feel I’m gonna screw my own self up if I do act like the natural Gemini. How do I defy programming?

  21. hello joe
    you now have self awareness of your possible gemini tendancies so fight them when or if they come up, read and learn as much as you can about gemini men so you will recognise the duality. ok

  22. Few months ago, I met a gemini man. Due to my hr profession, I’m always good in interpersonal and communication skills. Before we went for our first date, we often chat via skype or whatsapp about a month. Then, he stops chatting with me as soon as I told him that I’m not into relationship due to my ex coz I need my own space and I just wanna be friends till I’m ready. Currently, he’s working two jobs and I know that he’s a hardworking man. We metup last nite and talk over dinner. While having dinner, he noticed that guys kept on looking at me. Honestly, I’m an attractive, intelligent, smart and sexy woman. Men easily attracted to me. Keep it short, he gave me a sign that he wants to have an intimate…. but I refuse coz I don’t jump into man whom I don’t know. That’s me… This morning, we sent a greeting message. In the late afternoon, I message him that I will be going out with my two bosses for drinks pertaining to new headcounts. Then, he replied : ya…. after drinks you will get laid… hahahaha. I was so astonished and replied him: I’m not desperate. If I’m desperate, I would have sex with you last nite, honey… He replied: okok… have fun… I know he wants a relationship with me coz he ended his last relationship few years ago. I realize that he was in love with his ex and stops having relationship but once he met me, he wanted to build new relationship with me. Moreover, I told him that I wanna take one step at a time. Gemini is a clean freak and an observant too. Its too early to tell about him coz I make him to have a wild guess about me. So if you wanna be with a Gemini man, don’t give yourself easily and let him wait for you!

    • Exactly Anna neva give everything to a Gemini I’ve been with my Gemini for 7 months now and when he doesn’t call or text I don’t text u have to play they game back to them and always show them that u are your own individual u comfortable with yourself and u like being u,no matter what he wants they can be mentally exhausting.
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  23. Gemini men are the child of the Zodiac.
    They never grow up. They’re also the most syntax with words. I know this sign better than any other and they’re all most have written. They are master magicians and sexual text. Etc they excel at. They control you by being distant. And me being a libra girl so for me they win my mind. I need to know do they ever come back or when they leave they leave for good.
    it has taken me over a year with no contact for a month. But it has killed me inside.

  24. I was with a Gemini female for just over 9 years.. We were engaged… 2 days before the wedding, she left me.. She said she needed space. My family treated her more like a daughter than her parents will ever attempt to… I gave her the world and everything beyond… She told me she doesn’t owe me any type of explanation.. Apparently gem women are just like the men… I hope she’s happy… She’s about to get sued like a mofo for back rent…

    This just happened to me last mid November.. At this point I don’t feel I’ll ever be able to trust another woman again. I went to cancel her phone, but first pulled up the history. Called around and talked to men all over the city.. and state. Apparently she’s been having affairs the entire nine years… I am a cancer man… and I am overwhelmed by her sheer stupidity and heartlessness. She can burn in hell. As far as I’m concerned, if I ever date again which is highly unlikely, I will dump whoever plays the first mind game on me, and never look back. She had everything… All she had to do was pay 1/2 rent. Which she hadn’t for the past few years.. due to “misfortune” on her part.

    Too bad I have a change of heart in the financial department. I’m taking this woman down legally. I do love her, but I know she is not worth my time. I own a major business that she would have benefited much from. But honestly, six years into the relationship, I knew she lacked a lot of common knowledge. She was never interested in learning the world around her. My loss that I didn’t leave her long ago. Fool me once shame on you.. Fool me twice, shame on me. Frankly I don’t care if her life is ruined. She has even since, try to use my love for her against me, stating that I will respect her decisions. Fuck you woman….You play too many games… We’ll see how you do with the justice system. Try your cheap shit on them.

    One of her excuses for leaving me was that I was too busy.. Well guess what.. Who was paying your bills? Who was paying for the roof over your head that you were to pay into as well? Who was paying for your food? Your pets? Your transportation? This lady is fucking dumb, no doubt. And she may realize it in time, but I’ll be long gone. Another excuse of her’s was that she felt she wanted to be independent and find herself, that she had been in relationship after relationship… This girl had nine years to break it off with me. What a coward.

    She Refuses to see me… Gets a police escort to break in my house when I’m out of town. Yet, she’s already holed up in some man’s attic on his twin bed—probably has been for some time now. She’s probably got another man on the side. And another. She was always flirting. And the last, even after I asked her where the hell she’d been, she’d lie and say she was at work.. Did she forget I knew she couldn’t work overtime, past 8 pm?

    I can’t trust a damn word that emanates from her pathetic mouth. Yes I am mad… But she is going to be even more pissed about her situation come New Years. I will be laughing all the way to the bank when she commits perjury; as I’ve got our written contract that she signed five years ago to help pay half the rent.

    For the Gemini Man a couple posts above me… If you don’t take note of the bullshit the Gemini creates and you refuse to resolve it and work toward a life that respects your partner, you may end up in the same boat as my Gemini X. This lady fucked with the wrong man… She may learn that lesson.. But honestly, she is so dumb–along with her entire family–I doubt she’ll change. Which means karma will come back around and bite her in the ass for her childish ways. Take care people. Have a blessed life.

  25. Robert, robert, gosh you sound soooo hurt and understandably so. you are cancer a water sign tender and emotional she a gemini so hard and cut off from their and eveyones emotions .its all JUST happened , your reactio is normal and healthy, you have a beareavment process to go through and you have to break the attachment issues too. there lots of advice and understanding on the internet to help you through your pain. you sound a very nice man, in fact a damn good catch for a good women . try not to let bitterness destroy you . if i were you i thank my lucky stars all this came out BEFORE your marriage to her. think of the diastrous consequencies if you had married her and then discovered all this about her. she may have had entitlement to your buisness and house . be gratefull for this at least. the breakup happened at the right time- believe me you have a guardian angle looking after you. we, on here ,have all suffered at the mercy of gemini. the hurt you feel is terrible but it will get better with time. this too shall pass. nothing remains the same for ever ,everything changes and you will in time move through the pain you feel now and on wards and up wards. dont let one women bring you a bitter angry untrusting man. be strong. you have so much to offer there a good women out there.remember if you dont retaliate and take ‘revenge’ god will deal with her his way and you will get ‘double for the trouble’ she has put you through. take care. aurora

  26. Robert, Rober,

    You need to let it go. The rnergy it’s taken and sounding from your wording even more shall be needed.

    You speak of karma.

    Well then leave it to take it’s course believe me it will. In the meantime time grow from the experience buy The four agreements. Read and digest it and move your life forward. Money truly isn’t the issue here it’s your pride and a broken heart.
    Shell know on one level she’s served you wrongly in matters of the heart etc. And she needs to live with that not you.
    Life we regret what we don’t do not what we do.
    Have no regrets. Give yourself time and find a water or earth sign. :)

  27. Run for your life, nothing will change, they have strange behavior, they are hard to understand, they lie, and always have to have their way. They are to difficult and draining!

    • Yeah I agree they not for the faint hearted unless u want to give them some of they own medicine before u run lol if u want have fun and play stay with a Gemini if not run for your life as Lnze said.
      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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