The Capricorn Man

Capricorn (December 22- January 20)

This Earth sign sure knows it all. Well, he will definitely think he does. Capricorn men are lost in their own complicated over bearing minds. They can read for days. They can watch endless PBS or Discovery specials.

All other men will inevitably die before a Capricorn man, because he has to win.. and he has to know everything when he does.

Never argue with a Capricorn unless you are ready for a lifelong battle of whits. If you win, he will rebuttal with any subject possible until he wins! It’s quite amusing really.

Capricorn men, although seemingly strong willed and ego centric are just cool and confidant. If someone doesn’t like them, they really could care less.

Their motto is I CONQUER. They can do it all. They know how to build a house, make a cake, and shine their shoes. They’re awesome in bed, because when they were younger they studied tantra books!

They always save their money, and they make lots of money. They’re workaholics. That lawyer with the nice teeth you admire from afar is a Capricorn. That intimidating mechanical Engineer down the hallway from you too. They both work 65 hours a week. They wear nice clothes and they love dark colors.

He may seem aloof about you, but that’s just how he is. Flatter your Capricorn man by asking him questions about anything you don’t know about. They love to talk, it boosts their confidence even more.

Cappys are ruled by the planet Saturn, which is associated with social order and rules. Capricorns will either be the 99% revolutionaries screaming information to the masses on you tube..  or the police swat gassing the crowd to regain the silenced masses. No Capricorn is ever on the fence about anything. They know what they believe.

Unfortunate women who find themselves on a date with an unbalanced Cap man will get a full cerebral ego show. Her ears may bleed from so much boasting, and she could find herself in many arguments about nothing.

Then again, a sane Capricorn guy considers some arguments flirtatious.

A happy Cappy spends their evenings at home, reading on the internet for hours. They like to know their loved one is near, but they like to be alone.

If you date a Capricorn man, be prepared to expand your knowledge base. I hope you like PBS.

11 thoughts on “The Capricorn Man

  1. so true hrs on internet, and can’t be with them all the time .they need space . dating a cap for 2yrs now and were getting closer and hving a better relationship knowning how a cap works. thks for info.

  2. I fully agree with this. Have been with a Capricorn man now for 2 years. Must admit it took me time to comprehend the way he is and thinks. I am still learning. He is extremely patient and patience was foreign to me until our relationship went through tests and trials which we survived together because of his patience and determination. Today I have patience. He is really a loner and loves being at home. This helps me not worry or be suspicious of he’s whereabouts. As long as I cook wholesome delicious meals for him, he is too happy. He lovez my cooking and that makes me happy. When we first met I thought he was a player cause I had no clue of his feelings, he hid them too well. He is also very good looking, so to protect myself from hurt I worked very hard to not allow myself to fall inlove with him. It ended up being a relationship with no emotion expresses but with two people who spent lots of time together cause they just couldn’t keep away from each other. This went on for months, almost a year until we were both finally willing to accept, address, express the love we shared. We always have something that we are working on to improve and develop our relationship. The deep affection we share helps a great deal cause we are very different people, so it createz harmony and agreement between us. I love him so much and he loves me too, just the way I want to be loved. I think anyone who has the love of a Capricorn man is simply blessed.

    • Hi Zet that was very moving! What a beautiful thing to say! He is a lucky man to have such a brilliant woman! Thank you so very much for sharing, it’s comments like this that keep me motivated to write more :) much love seastar!

    • love your comment! I’m at the beginning of phase with a cap man who is so silly and shy when we met. And then he hide himself after first date. But he text ed me all the way. I haven’t seen him for a week coz he took a business trip to NYC. After he came back, he text ed me and being very nice like a gentlemen to every text that I sent to him. The only bother me now is I am not sure whether he just wanna be my friend or something else. I am waiting for him to ask me out so that we can know each other more, but I am very confused coz I am scorpio who really in need of patience… Need your great insight for cap man!!! Thank you@

  3. yes ,so true.I am a typical cappy case,but really confused about my status,whether happy or unhappy.How do I make that out?

  4. Oddly enough I’m a Capricorn and I was trying to get more information on astrology and stumbling upon this I can say alot of that is on the money. A lot of the other explanation I’ve found are TOTALLY different from me. I’m not sure if that has to do with the day I was born on(Dec 27th)or not but this was a very compelling read about my “Sane” Capricorn self lol Thanks for the info.

  5. im a scorpio 11/14/1974 female, i met a cap man born 12/25/1971. his divorce is almost final from his 25 year relationship. we met and we both agreed it was special. we were together for 3 weeks, we were wonderful together and spoke about a future. his daughter was leaving the state to start college and his emotions are all over the place. he said thank u for being patient. he loves his daughter and his wife cheated on him. and hes trying to sell his house to get out of the memory. well the day he took his daughter to college he was emotional, and i havent heard from him since. that was 2 weeks ago. ive sent him 2 texts and told him to smile. and sent him a bible verse cause he would send me one in the mornings. he hasnt responded to either text. i told him i was afraid hed get back with his wife, and wanted to wait til it was final, could he be waiting til the beginning of the month when its final to call or should i move on? thanks anything ideas would help

  6. I have been with my Cap for almost 2 years now – and Im stil so confused, lol. We have wonderful, loving weekends, and then I wont hear from him all during the week. I have insecurities from previous relationships, but know in my heart that he loves me and trust him – even though I nag him fo reassurance sometimes. We have had arguments before, but nothing too bad. I never know what he’s thinking, which is one of the many reasons I love him:) Sometimes I feel that he’s not interested in me anymore though. I dont know what else to do but give him space. I love him more than he will ever know and pray that he will propose one day to me. How do you know when Caps re still intereste and wanting to be with you? Or is it just remaining patient and let things happen?

    • Hi Christy (that’s my name too!) Sorry for the delayed response sometimes comments slip by due to volume. What is he doing during the week? Is he working a lot? Is he just independent on weekdays? Have you told him you’d love seeing him on say, a Tuesday? What do y’all do on the weekends? Let me know and I’ll try to help.

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